Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ta-dahs of sorts and a whole lot of waffle........

And so.....

As the trees are starting to turn from a vibrant green into something more coppery, so a new season awakens from its glorious sleep.


This has been a relaxing summer.

I have loved it.

A brilliant summer in fact.

A creative Summer.

I have come through this summer realising a few things.....

1. Every once in a while, it is necessary to stop the clock and step away from it all.

2. I am an opposite loving girl.

3. It's very difficult to completely disconnect from technology.

4. My tastes are changing.

5. I cannot tell the difference between caffeinated and de-caffeinated tea......a good thing.

6. I adore quiet, yet I cannot live without music.

7. I'm still no gardener.

8. I cannot live without taking photos and capturing a moment.

9. I'm never going to whittle down my crafty 'to-do' list.

10. Basil is an essential in life.



So, this summer has been good. The Bears have been fab, the weather has been decent, i've relaxed and been happy as Larry getting my crafty mojo on.

Whilst I have left Instagram and been away from my Blog......I have been on Pinterest a fair bit. See, it is difficult to completely disconnect! I have been gathering inspiration for various bits and bobs I have wanted to make or wanted to do around my house.

I have been a busy bee.

I don't think I had intended to get a post out so soon, but I found myself with a few spare moments. I thought as I had been charting the progress of my pixelated blanket, it was really only fair to show you how far I had come with it.

So, here are the fruits of my summer.......

Goodness me, it has taken me forever. For something started that was supposed to be fairly small, it ended being a whopper of a blanket.

Now, this is a ta-dah of sorts, as it's not actually finished yet in that picture. It still has a big lace edging to be put on the top and bottom and the sides cleaned up. But it was the only opportunity to get it laying flat with space around it to show off the actual picture!

The 'Rosy Posy' Blanket

And in case the photo above still doesn't lend itself to size proportions, here's a pic of me on it.

I started this blanket in February. To be fair, it's had a lot of time just sitting. I had no idea of my yarn need with this and had to keep ordering more and just waiting for it to arrive. It took 2 whole weeks of sewing in the ends. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot be a person who sews in as they go along. I just would get so bored that i'd never complete any blanket. I find it much more motivating to get to the end and seeing it almost finished spurs me on to sew in the ends. These ends were actually mega satisfying to sew in so it didn't bother me. It was just the sheer volume that was really daunting. I could spend 4 hours at a time sewing them in and open up the blanket and I hadn't even scratched the surface!  There were 1152 squares in total, so 2304 ends to sew in. I did do a little dance of joy when the last end was sewn in. Pheweee.

It is taken from Cath Kidston's 'Stitch' book. After making my hot water bottle covers with cross stitching and then doing a little bit of actual cross stitching, this was a natural progression. I liked this pattern and was originally going to do a pin cushion, but it occurred to me that it could crochet up well in a bigger squared pixel format. Once the idea was born there was no stopping me!


I also made a few little doilies for my table.....

These were very pleasurable to make...and really rather addictive.


I also FINALLY finished my 'Kaleidoscope' Blanket.

This blanket was started at the same time as the 'All Boys' Blanket and the 'Serendipity' Blanket. I kept faltering on this blanket last year. I wasn't sure if I liked it. I made the decision to leave out yellow from the colour mix. About half way through, I wan't sure that it was working without it in. I kept walking away from it then coming back to it. One minute i'd hold it up and love it as it was, then the next I wouldn't. I persevered and it was only when I finished all the squares that I decided that it worked for me and I was right to leave out the yellow. The pom pom border worked well, so I am pleased.......not only that I actually finished it....but that I love it too.

I love its slight crazy nature. It's a good garden one. Very cheery that's for sure.

It has been a faithful one all summer


So, you'd think i'd be blanketed out right?

Well, no actually!

You see, there were to be a couple of new additions to the big family. I was to be an Aunt again. Two babies were due to arrive. One I knew was going to be a boy, and the other was a surprise. 

One of my little regrets was that when my bears were babies, I hadn't mastered the art of crochet, and they went without something home made. So, I wasn't going to let this opportunity slip and I was going to do my Aunty duty and make them each one.

I wanted muted mixed colours and nothing too sickly and pastel.

The babies were due within a week of one another so I knew I had to get my skates on.

The first one I started was a wavy one which I called.....


I completely ADORED making this

I really loved the colours together. It'd been a long time since I had crocheted a wavy blanket and I loved every minute of working on this.

I was pleased with the end were my tribe too. I would love to make a big one in these colours for myself.


On to blanket number 2.

I was originally going to make a little granny square baby blanket, but I decided I wanted to try something a little different, so went on a Pinterest search.

I found this by the very talented Ingrid Jansen from Wood Wool and Stool

Isn't it great? Not being a massive fan of black in my crochet, but I knew that I would look super as a baby blanket in pastel hues and with a lighter edging. So I set to work.......

I called this......


Gosh, I REALLY loved this one too. It worked out really well I think. I think i'd like a bigger version of this for my bed too. No wonder I have so many blankets!

I really hope the Mums to be like them. Eeeeeek.


Well, You'd REALLY think that after FOUR blankets, i'd be ready to give them a rest.....

Uhhmmmmm, not quite it seems.

I'll leave that for another post. I've also been laughing myself silly. Autumn fever has taken hold with me and i've been scratching the usual random, spontaneous, creative itches I get, and making the most ridiculous Autumn stuff in mega heat! Trying on full winter garb when you are wilting is laughable, but I guess that's me. I have provided my family with a lot of entertainment recently. I'm a complete muppet. That's never going to change.

Right, this has been a mammoth post. Probably 8 posts rolled into one! Apologies. Probably my first proper creative post in a while. Information overload! 


Oh well, I thought as I had the time and the motivation, I might as well get it all out. You never know when my next post will come!

Thank you, for taking the time to read me and get through it all. You did well!

I'm parched now......

......a nice hot cup of de-caff I think.




  1. Wow! It really pays to step away from our blogs every now and then and soak up real LIFE, be inspired all over again! I just love all your blankets-they are all equally stunning. Your color choices are perfect! I would want each one for myself too! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Carousel one! I love the muted, pastel colors and diamond shape! Such a good idea! Oh and don't worry-currently I am working blankets too! ha ha, and also threw in a couple of pot holders, dish clothes etc in between! Love your blog. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Oh My Lordy ..... What a post .... jam packed full of gorgeousness, just delicious!
    I absolutely adore all of your blankets but that pom pom edging has really made my heart skip a beat. BEAUTIFUL.
    So glad to hear that your break has been so good for you x
    love jooles xxx

  3. My dear, you are just simply amazing..I,love your new header as well as all the photos, just beautiful..BTW..your outfit is such a great look holding the blanket..

  4. You certainly have been a busy blanket-making bee! They all look so gorgeous, perfect for snuggling into and I really love the edging on your Kaleidoscope blanket!xx

  5. You have been super busy, i love your list of things that you know. Basil is amazing, and i get the whole decaff thing. Im so glad you had a time for renewing and relaxing esp as the weather got so warm.
    I love, love, love your blankets, you are amazing, i really wish i had your talent.

  6. Your new blankets are very very nice!!! Especially I really like the "Kaleidoscope" blanket and its edging, and the "Portobelo" baby blanket. And your little doilies... WOW! :)
    Have a great time!

  7. Wow - you've been busy. I'm almost at the end of a ripple blanket for my son. Only trouble is, I started it ages ago, and he has moved from a single, to a double bed. I'm rippled out - it will just have to cover the bottom of the bed!
    I'm tempted to try the diamond one - so many ideas and so little time! x

  8. Bem vinda de volta, já tinha saudades das suas criações.

    As mantas são LINDAS.
    Todas elas.

    Um Beijo

  9. Finally you are posting again!!!!!!!
    Nice to have you back in crochet business :)

  10. I love long posts (with crocheted blankets in them ;)).
    Your rose blanket is amazing! Especially, the size of it.
    And the second baby blanket is beautiful! I like the delicate colours.
    Thank you for sharing all this crochet beauty.

  11. Your blankets are all amazing!! That diamond blanket has me wanting one of my own too!

  12. This is like blanket heaven! I loved all your blankets; gorgeous colours...Gorgeous!

  13. hellooooo my lovely what a joyful, colourful, bright ~happy have been busy with your blanket making ;0) your colour choices. so lovely to have you back in blogland xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. What other joy returned to his post a read! I love your new header! And I see that you are always so creative and more! all, all the blankets seem wonderful but the Ingrid Jansen is my favorite! is lovely! and I love the photo where you are lying on on blanket. A hard work, my God! This blanket is huge! and beautiful too! I like it a lot, a lot, his clothes that you take! very nice collection! I'd love to know what brand it is! jajajajajaja!! you are being a very creative! and I know that you are a great person! best wishes to you and your family and take the time that you considered necessary. Relax. We always t'esperearem! Kisses and a hug from Catalonia!

  15. Hello my lovely....
    a gorgeous post...full of beautiful inspiration!
    It definitely is worthwhile to take a step back now and then for whatever the reasons.

    Good to catch up again
    Tilly x

  16. That is a huuuuuge blanket, but it is absolutely stunning. Well done for all the sewing in of ends.
    Sally xxx

  17. Wow wow wow. What a fantastic lot of ta dahs. I've had the day from hell, possible one of the worst for a long time. Just opened your post on my bus ride home and boy are those pictures just what I needed. What gorgeous blankets from my crochet blanket guru!! Adore the kalidescope blanket, that pompom trim is just divine and perfect for it and I am more than a bit smitten with carousel. I just love your colour choices. Thank you for bringing sunshine and a rainbow into a dark and gloomy day. I think a large coffe, cake and crochet are essentials for this evening (if injuries sustained today allow!!) x

  18. Love your blankies Vanessa, especially the Carousel one. The colours are lovely.
    I had the same idea when I saw Ingrid's version but I haven't had the chance to start it yet. Quite a lot of people have been doing the little triangles in blogland recently. Little woolie has done something of sorts.
    Glad to see you back in blogland with so much inspiration.
    Pati x

  19. gorgeous post full of gorgeousness - love your bloomers too!
    Always nice to see you
    fee xx

  20. Goodness, I've not even made a pair of socks! You are a dynamo.

  21. Beautiful blankets Vanessa, the carousel one is my favourite, almost harlequin like and such gorgeous colours for new babies. I'm sure both mum's will be overjoyed and treasure these precious homemade ones.
    I'm really pleased you have had a fun loving sunny summer time and time just for you. Your Rosy Posy blanket is just stunning, such a clever idea and well done for persevering with over 1000 squares my goodness, you should be very proud of it as well as all your other gorgeous makes. I hope you continue to enjoy the changing seasons xox Penny

  22. Oh my gawd....all luscious and scrumptious they are so, so lovely I want to eat them!!
    Did you crochet the bobble border...If so You are my crochet Icon..
    bestest daisy j x

  23. Hi Vanessa
    Beautiful , beautiful blankets. Blankets are my thing too - can't stop making them. I absolutely love the Carousel blanket, it's so unusual and your colours are gorgeous. So lovely to look through your blog - I shall be back !

  24. Beautiful beautiful blankets!! You have such an amazing eye for colour as well as the obvious talent for crochet, just inspiring! So glad you've decided to keep blogging. Claire xx

  25. Oh my, this Rosy Posy blanket is the prettiest one I've ever seen, it's absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe the patience you have to make such things...

  26. This is fantastic, Vanessa! I love all your blankets,
    and it's good you are back. I simply love your blog :)

  27. Beautiful photos!! I love all your blankets, they're so sweet!!

  28. Is this what you call taking a break? Then you must take breaks more often. What a riot of colors and creativity...... Loved everyone of your finished items and waiting to see more as the days go by and the colder weather sets in.

  29. I always love your crochet; I particularly love the pixel rose blanket and I bought the Japanese crochet book because I liked that blanket on the front cover. The edging is good as are the colours. I admire your ability to work from these books as they always hurt my head and I struggle with the diagrams. I'm thinking more of the mat you made for your friend rather than the blanket as I say this, as I know the blanket has detailed instructions. Beautiful photos too x

  30. Hello, A beautiful post, and so good to see you again, the blankets are stunning, glad you had good summer and a very productive one :)

  31. Fantastic post - just great to see all your wonderful blankets. I am really full of admiration of your skill........and your patience with all those ends. Philippa xx

  32. Hello! They are all stunning. I flabbergasted that you made all those. They are all so perfect.
    I love your new header too and your 'styling.' Your outfits are so pretty and you have a knack for putting things together in such a charming way.
    EEK! That's what I did when I saw this post. You sound happy too. xxx

  33. Wow, you have been busy! I love your blankets, perfect for a stormy fall!
    xx Margriet

  34. No words just drool and lots of it! xx

  35. Oh wow! I love to see what you've all been doing, you've quit prodcutive with the blankets! I love them all and all the sweet colours you've been using. It's a pleasure to look at. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Do you have a pattern for the pom pom trim you used? Where did you find that? It's amazing! Would love to have a copy. All else is amazing as well.

  37. Firstly so, so lovely to pop by and see a post from you and also a lot of pretty loveliness in it too. Your work is so inspiring, I have yet to complete a project, my crochet is still in the basic stages but this post has inspired me keep going with it.
    I will get there in the end!!!!

    Also lovely to hear you had a good summer, my summer was spent with my girls, first time in years I have not worked!!!

    Take Care and have seen a pic of your adorable nephew!!

    much love Hayley (homeartlove)

  38. Hi Coco Rose,

    I just love the colorful Kaleidoscope blanket!...and the doilies. What brand of yarn did you use for these 2 projects? I really want to make some of those doilies.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  39. hi
    lovely work, I to would love to know what yarns you used


  40. Oh my, You are such an inspiration!
    Love your photos and your eye for color is incredible :)

  41. I so love your blog .. I hope you never stop writing and taking beautiful photos which inspire me to create!

  42. LOVE the carousel blanket!
    Your list is one I'm identifying greatly with. Especially whittling down the craftyness. ;)

  43. I am jealous of all your crochet. The colours are beautiful. I also think you've finally motivated me to do a ripple blanket for myself. It will look great in soft colours!

  44. Lovely to have you back! All your crochet work is stunning too, every last bit of it, stunning, absolutely stunning. You may be a muppet but you're a blooming colour clever, creative one!

    S x

  45. ✭♥Love your amazing blanket ♥✭

  46. Absolutely stunning pretty - just adore the kaleidoscope blanket and colours. I'd love to know what yarn you've used for your projects - I can never seem to find these gorgeous colours! Thanks - hope you can share info :-)

  47. Oh my goodness, what a lot of lovely blankets. I think they are all wonderful but my favourite one is the Carousel - such pretty colours - like sugared almonds. x x

  48. Hurrah for enjoyable waffle and pretty photos (and I love your dress and pataloons combo - wish I could carry that sort of thing off!).

    Good to see you back :)

  49. Your blankets are breathtakingly beautiful! What lucky Mommies. You are so inspiring and your blog is a delight. I'm so glad you are back to posting.

  50. Hai Vanessa, i am truely laughing out loud by reading this blogpost! My god you really were a busy bee! I live your pixel blanket the most. It made me crochet the shawl with the rose inside. You can really be proud of yourself (and not being shy about it) by making al these wonderful blankets. And I you can't, I will be double proud:)
    Love, saskia

  51. I really love your carousel blanket. Great job ! I've shared it on Facebook with a link on your page.

  52. is there a pattern for this lovely carousel blanket?

  53. Hello, Boy am I pleased to see your latest post, I have missed you over the summer, but so pleased to hear you have has a good break. your projects are wonderfully inspiring.

    love laura xxxx

  54. All you need is love... nah nah nah nah nah... And a carousel blanket. It is a kaaahbooom, slam hit! Gorgeous. I can't believe you made all these blankets this summer. I yet can't get any WiPs finished it seems... Maybe I need more focus, more coffee breaks, less computer time and more slow pace life... Lovely to have you back. You've been missed. So overly inspired by this blog post I am beside myself digging through all my yarn stash thinking of at least 3 new blankets I would like to make.

    My Rose Valley

  55. Hi. Really sorry to bother you - left a comment above - just wondered if you'd mind telling me what yarns you have used for your blankets? The colours are just fabulous - especially the kaleidoscope blanket! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

    1. Hi Carole,

      I use a whole host of different yarns for my blankets. For my big everyday ones, they are just made from mixed cheaper acrylic and acrylic mix dk yarns. I love making blankets, and I usually make them a fair size. It would bankrupt me to use luxurious yarns on such big projects! I use the nicer yarn for smaller projects. I mix and match brands too to get the colours that I want for a project. As long as they are all dk and have the same wash care instructions then I'll use it if I like it! Sirdar is good and I use them a lot. The Kaleidoscope blanket was just made using all my odds and ends in my stash, so I couldn't give you a definite on what brands they were. Many, through being stuffed in tubs, have lost their covers, so I just go on colour and what I've collected over the years! Sorry I can't be of more help. Stylecraft dk is highly recommended by many crochet bloggers as being a cheap and nice feeling yarn to crochet with and having a very good and solid colour range. I think Deramores online is a good bet to look.

    2. Thanks for the reply - I'll keep searching!

  56. Oh Wow! I am the lucky one to receive the most awesome crocheted blanket ever, it is soooo beautiful, I love it!!! Little one loves it too, everyone loves it, I may be tempted to have more children so I can receive another one from you! hahaha, thanks beautiful, big cwtches to you,
    love Becca xxxx

  57. Is there a pattern you could direct me towards for the pom pom boarder on your Kaleidoscope blanket? I LOVE IT!

  58. Such beautiful, beautiful blankets - you are a girl after my own heart. I adore the pom-pom edging you have made, so pretty and just that little bit different. Gorgeous.

  59. Hi,
    The Carousel blanket is very wonderful! Do I take it right that the pattern is in that Mollie Makes magazine, that is on one photo? I don't want to buy it and then find out that it isn't in it. Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Greetings from Germany

  60. Love, love, <3 ALL the pics! Thank you -x-

  61. Hi there, can you share where you got the pattern for the 'Carousel' blanket? It is so unique looking and I would love to give it a go as well. Many Thanks!

    1. Hi Amy,

      I didn't use a set pattern to make the blanket as such. It was just a simple diamond shape made using increases either side in each row until you get the width you want then decrease in the same fashion to give you the shape. Made in dk yarn on a 4mm hook using a treble stitch (uk). They were all then crocheted together with double crochet (3 per gap). There is a pictoral chart floating around on pinterest for that diamond shape. hope this will link to it to make things easier for you! : )

  62. Oh goodness, so much gorgeousness here! That Rosy Posy blanket - wow. I've long dreamt of making a quilt in the same way, with a pixelated flower, but I'm thinking that a crocheted version might actually be more achievable, and enjoyable. You are one talented lady! xx

  63. Do you have a pattern for those lovely doiles?? I would love to purchase it!


    1. The doilies are from Nicki Trench's Crochet Living Book : )

  64. Hola, me encantan tus mantas, con esos colores tan agradables, en especial la de rombos, algun dia creo que haré una, aunque no sé como las unes. Enhorabuena por tus trabajos. Un saludo

  65. Hi do you have a pattern please for the Pom blanket?

    1. Hi Sharon,

      There was no pattern for the Kaleidoscope blanket. It was just basic granny squares crocheted together as I went along. The pom pom border was from a Japanese book, but if you google 'crochet pom pom edging tutorial', you will find lots of tutorials on how to do it. I hope this helps : )


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