Friday, 24 October 2014


......I think I'd love to be an astronaut

.......or a potter.

Sometimes, I think I'd like to be better at ironing.

Sometimes, I wish I was less of a dreamer....more fearless......and tough.

Sometimes, I think, as much as I want to love creatures, I just cannot love big house spiders.

Sometimes, I wish life would rewind....or fast forward.

Sometimes, I love being me. 

Sometimes, I don't.

Sometimes, only hot toast and butter will do.

Sometimes, I don't hit the snooze button on dark mornings.

Sometimes, I get it totally wrong.

Sometimes, I get it just right.

Life is a funny thing. 

I'm looking forward to a week of lazy mornings.

Sometimes, they are just what is needed......


Monday, 20 October 2014

An Autumn Blanket Ta-Dah.....

The story behind this blanket......

Last year, I was to become an Aunt...twice....with both babies dues within a week of one another. I decided, rather than buy a 'welcome to the world present', I wanted to make baby blankets for each of them. I was always a little bummed that I learnt to crochet after my bears had come through the baby stage. So, this was the perfect way to make something for a baby. I knew one was to be a boy, and I made a ripple baby blanket for him. The other baby was a surprise, So I wanted to make a blanket that was universal. It was to be a little cot blanket, and I wanted something a little bit more than just a granny squares blanket. 

Whilst perusing the internet for inspiration, I came across Ingrid's 'Harlequin Blanket' from Wood & Wool Stool Blog. I thought it was ace. It looked like a stained glass window pane (which are things I have always adored), and I thought, made in pastels, it would make a lovely baby blanket for my new niece/nephew. Ingrid's 'Harlequin Blanket' pattern is for sale here in her Etsy shop if anyone would like to have a go at making one, (it's an instant download too).

It was a joy to make the baby blanket, and I loved how it turned out.

Remember this one?

I have a thing for Carousels, and Big Bear said it looked like an old carousel with the colours that were used, so it was nicknamed the 'Carousel' blanket in the house.

 (Carousel image copyright of Eye Poetry Photography)

It was given away and put to use.

That was the end of that.

As this Autumn season approached this year, and it was about blanket making time again, I asked the Bears' what they thought I should make. I have a list of blankets that I'm aiming to get done (most, assorted granny squares), but the Bears declared that they wanted a blanket like the one I gave away to their Cousin. It's not usually that much fun making the same blanket twice, but they were quite keen I make one for them. I had a look in my stash, and had many of the similar shades, and thought well why not, it was a fun blanket to make. I had a couple of darker shades of brown and butterscotch, which I thought would make it slightly more Autumnal for this blanket.

This one was bigger, so that all three Bears could fit under it. I made 124 diamonds, 18 halves, 12 slithers, and 4 end quarters. All on a 4mm hook and assorted dk yarns from my stash. Sorry I cannot be more specific than that. I know many of you love to know what specific yarn and shades I use. I REALLY wish I was more like the other wonderful crocheters who manage to list every detail, but I'm pants at that. Always have been, and I'm just not gonna change. I buy whatever I see at the time and like. It's always a bit of everything and I usually have no labels to refer too once I've broken into the yarn. Sorry.

Connecting it together, I realised it was a labour of love with it's size.

It took me AGES to crochet it together. I remembered it took a long time with the baby blanket size so I wasn't looking forward to doing this big version. I also had so many distractions. I'm usually really good at being quite determined to get it all done in one go. This one was quite frustrating as I had to keep stopping and starting. Not the blankets' fault, just mine and my bonkers life right now. But I loved it when it was done (and there aren't actually that many ends to sew in which was a blessing). I love its wonderful raised texture. I think that's what drew me to Ingrid's design in the first place. I know at the moment there is a huge surge in diamond tapestry crochet with gorgeous works from this lady and this lady and also from Ingrid herself.

I would at some stage love to have a go at this method of crocheting, but I'm a texture 'gal, and I do love this pattern for its texture.

Apologies for the not so great images of the blanket. The weather, as glorious as it has been through September and October, has now changed, and become quite wet and dark. To be honest, time is not on my side at the moment, so taking any kind of shots and getting a post up, has been a real achievement for me.

But...... has been put to good use already; and I'm sure will be a firm 'go to' blanket on colder days.

Cheerio for now....


Friday, 10 October 2014


I was hoping to achieve so much.

Best laid plans and all.

When in doubt.....

pleasures to keep me buoyant.....

Cheese, biscuits and a good cup of tea. A treat. I do try to steer clear of cheese as I love it so much. A neccessity though at the moment. Hot tea is a must with it. HoT...

Yoghurt and fruit. Low fat, and lot's of fruit to counter balance all the cheese. I'm trying so hard to balance the good stuff with the not so good stuff!

Autumnal treats. The cooler days are coming, and this calls for snuggly stuff. 

I do love snuggly stuff.

And quirky. Oh how I love quirky. You make me smile so.

The blanket sits and stares at me. 
It cries to be finished. 
Almost there. 
I beg it to be patient.

Perhaps next week I might get my act together. The nights are cooler and it's begging to be used.

Until then.......

Have a lovely weekend all.....


Friday, 3 October 2014

Loving This Week......

My cowl. I seriously love it. Rubbish picture. Sorry. The Bears were not in the mood to take pics, so rubbish selfie alert. Mega love it though.

Why am I so late to the party? Facial oil. Neat at night....a drop mixed in with moisturiser in the mornings. My skin saviour.

Love Garlic. I'm sure no one else appreciates it quite so much in my family, but cooking with garlic is my ultimate cooking JOY.

Dewy cobwebs. LOVE....LOVE.....LOVE.....

Another three staples. I can eat toms' like they are sweets from a jar. Sitting outside in the midday sun. The scent of the vines and being lulled into thinking it's still summer. Heaven. I mean it's OCTOBER! 

There is sUn. 
There is WarMth. 
No coats.
I'm still in flimsy clothes and flip flops.
Thank you sweet Autumn.

A firm favourite here. Waiting for the Bears' to arrive.

Being Inspired.

...Salt.  I'm a sucker for cute and unusual. Blue Persian? Pink Himalayan? Who knew?

That's this week. The blanket is slowly coming together, but it's been a busy week with my attentions focused on other things. I haven't progressed as far as I would have liked. No worries. All in good time.

Have a super weekend all