Friday, 10 October 2014


I was hoping to achieve so much.

Best laid plans and all.

When in doubt.....

pleasures to keep me buoyant.....

Cheese, biscuits and a good cup of tea. A treat. I do try to steer clear of cheese as I love it so much. A neccessity though at the moment. Hot tea is a must with it. HoT...

Yoghurt and fruit. Low fat, and lot's of fruit to counter balance all the cheese. I'm trying so hard to balance the good stuff with the not so good stuff!

Autumnal treats. The cooler days are coming, and this calls for snuggly stuff. 

I do love snuggly stuff.

And quirky. Oh how I love quirky. You make me smile so.

The blanket sits and stares at me. 
It cries to be finished. 
Almost there. 
I beg it to be patient.

Perhaps next week I might get my act together. The nights are cooler and it's begging to be used.

Until then.......

Have a lovely weekend all.....


Friday, 3 October 2014

Loving This Week......

My cowl. I seriously love it. Rubbish picture. Sorry. The Bears were not in the mood to take pics, so rubbish selfie alert. Mega love it though.

Why am I so late to the party? Facial oil. Neat at night....a drop mixed in with moisturiser in the mornings. My skin saviour.

Love Garlic. I'm sure no one else appreciates it quite so much in my family, but cooking with garlic is my ultimate cooking JOY.

Dewy cobwebs. LOVE....LOVE.....LOVE.....

Another three staples. I can eat toms' like they are sweets from a jar. Sitting outside in the midday sun. The scent of the vines and being lulled into thinking it's still summer. Heaven. I mean it's OCTOBER! 

There is sUn. 
There is WarMth. 
No coats.
I'm still in flimsy clothes and flip flops.
Thank you sweet Autumn.

A firm favourite here. Waiting for the Bears' to arrive.

Being Inspired.

...Salt.  I'm a sucker for cute and unusual. Blue Persian? Pink Himalayan? Who knew?

That's this week. The blanket is slowly coming together, but it's been a busy week with my attentions focused on other things. I haven't progressed as far as I would have liked. No worries. All in good time.

Have a super weekend all


Monday, 29 September 2014

Almost there.......

The home stretch....

...super excited.....

......see you on the other side......


Friday, 26 September 2014